The Components and Prizes of World Water Forum

The Components and Prizes of World Water ForumWorld Water Forum has held its events for 8th times. In every meeting, there are some particular concerns that are discussed and followed up in the real actions. While the explanation of where and when the forum is conducted have been discussed everywhere, do you know how each forum is organized? It is organized based on the following components and once in a while with an addition or reward giving:

The Components of World Water Forum

While carrying the missions of World Water Council and aiming some things through each forum, World Water Forum also have components with which it is made up. The four components are on which each forum is organized. The four components are:
– A thematic programme that caters the forum’s substantive discussions in both panels and sessions.
– The political process that caters the discussion opportunity with officials that are elected. The officials are the parliamentarians, local authorities, and ministers. This political process then reults in various commitments and statements.
– The regional process that caters particular perspectives toward water from all areas in the world.
– The expo and fair that provides stakeholders a space to showcase what they can contribute to water issues in the world.
Every component of agen bola Forum benefits from the process of extensive preparatory that is usually started two years before the World Water Forum is commenced. So, the time in between the latest and the upcoming forums are not vacant. There is a particular agenda that needs carrying out.

The latest editions of World Water Forum even included some other features such as a learning center, side events, a youth forum, a children’s forum, a children’s education village, cultural entertainment, and film and water encounters.

The Components and Prizes of World Water Forum

The Prizes of World Water Forum

In addition to the components mentioned above, World Water Forum has also featured another thing namely Prizes. So far, there have been two prizes that haven been granted during successive World Water Forums. The prizes are the Kyoto World Water Grand Prize and The King Hassan II Great World Water Prize.

There are still other additional prizes which were granted during the 5th Forum which was organized in Istanbul. The prizes were the Compromise Mexico Water Prize and the Turkish Republic Prime Minister’s Water Prize.

World Water Forum is not only a discussion for many attendees. The forum also covers various activities, sessions, and components to make the aims of the forum more achievable and meaningful.

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