World Water Forum – Where and How It Has Been Conducted So Far

World Water Forum – Where and How It Has Been Conducted So FarIt has been more than a decade for World Water Council for organizing World Water Forum. Many host countries have been involved and a couple of themes have been featured and discusses. Let’s see how this Forum has written its own history in perceiving water in the world:

Where Has World Water Forum Taken Place in the World?
Since the first the World Water Forum was conducted, there have been 8 countries that have been taken a part as host countries. In the 1st World Water Forum in 1997, Morocco was chosen as the very first country to host the event. This country then chose Marrakech as the city where the event took place.

Three years later or in the 2nd World Water Forum, the event chose Europe. Netherland was then chosen as the country to host the event which was held in 2000. The Netherland then hosted the taruhan bola event in The Hague. After that, in 2003, Asia got its turn. Located in Kyoto, Japan, the 3rd World Water Forum was conducted.

Three years afterwards, the 4th event was conducted in Mexico City, Mexico. The following World Water Forum, which was the 5th, chose France as the host country. This country then chose Marseille as the hosting city. In 2015 or in the 6th World Water Forum, Asia got its turn again. South Korea, Daegu/Gyeongbuk to be precise, was chosen to be the host. Then this year, 2018, the 8th World Water Forum was decided to be conducted in Brasilia, Brazil. How about in 2021? The host country has been chosen! Dakar, Senegal is looking forward to hosting the 9th World Water Forum!

Where and How It Has Been Conducted So Far

What are the Themes that Have Been Featured?
Knowing the host countries, we also need to know what have been featured by this forum in the past 9 events. In every event, there is one particular theme that becomes the main focus and the spirit of the event. Take a look at the following list of themes to know more about the forum’s focuses:
– 1st event: “Vision for Water, Life, and the Environment”
– 2nd event: “Forum Vision to Action”
– 3rd event: “A forum with a Difference”
– 4th event: “Local Actions for a Global Challenge”
– 5th event: “Bridging Divides for Water”
– 6th event: “Solutions for Water”
– 7th event: “Water for Out Future”
– 8th event: “Sharing Water”
The variety regarding this World Water Forum is not only about the host countries from many continents but also about the themes in every event. All of them show how serious World Water Council in taking care of water availability in the world.

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