The First and the Latest World Water Forum

The First and the Latest World Water ForumThis years World Water Forum was just conducted. Many issues as well as the potential problem solving have already been covered. Yet, how did all of this begin? And how did the event happen in the very latest forum?

– The 1st World Water Forum
The first World Water Forum was conducted in on 21 -23 March 1997. This initial forum took place in Marrakech, Morocco. This 1st World Water Forum was conducted following the World Water Councils creation.

In this first forum, the discussion focused on the basis of long-term development of water sustainability. That focus was then formulated in the theme of the forum: Vision for Water, Life, and the Environment in the 21st Centuryö. Here are the four sessions in this 1st World Water Forum:
– The first session was about Perspective on World Water
– The second session was about On the road toward world waters long term vision
– The third session was about The challenges of the 21st Century-Celebration of World Water Day
– The fourth session was about The Challenges of the 21st Century
Apart from those four sessions, there were also technical visits in this first forum. The visits were held on March 23, 1997. Then, on March 25, 1997, Study Tour in Morocco was conducted.

– The 8th World Water Forum
More than a decade after the very first World Water Forum, the 8th event was conducted. Taking a place in Ulisses Giumaraes Convention Center and the National Stadium in Brasilia, Brazil, this event was held on 18 to 23 March 2018.

This agen bola terpercaya forum marked the first time of South America to host this big event. In this forum, the theme that became the main concern is Sharing Water. This 8th World Water Forum marked itself as the second forum of World Water Council that was attended by an extensive number of attendees in both fair and expo. There were about 120,000 attendees who participated in this year forum. The most attended World Water Forum was the one in Kyoto, Japan that involved around 250,000 participants.

Many parts of the worlds have been involved in World Water Forum., showing that the Council really wants to involve as many countries in the world as possible to take a part in sustaining the water in the world. Lets see the upcoming movement of the Council in the 9th forum in 2021.

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