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Nov 14 2014

Guest Post: What are Sand Dams?

What are Sand Dams? 

Sand Dams are the most cost-effective form of rainwater harvesting and provide communities with a clean, local and reliable source of water – even during periods of drought.

Sand Dams store up to 20 million litres of water and provide a year-round supply for up to 1,000 people – with virtually zero operation and maintenance costs.  Sand Dams store water under sand, protecting it from contamination and evaporation – cleaner water that lasts longer.

"Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication": a data-driven model for forecasting manganese concentrations in subtropical reservoirs

The latest article in our Journal Author Guest Post series comes from Edoardo Bertone, co-author of Bertone, E., Stewart R.A., Zhang, H., O’Halloran, K. (2014). Intelligent data mining of vertical  profiler  readings  to  predict  manganese  concentrations  in  water  reservoirs. Journal of Water Supply: Research and Technology—AQUA 63(7)

Continuously monitoring and managing manganese (Mn) concentrations in drinking water supply reservoirs are paramount for water suppliers, as high concentrations create discoloration of potable water supplied to the customers. Traditional Mn management approaches typically involve manual sampling and laboratory testing of raw water from supply reservoirs on a regular basis (typically weekly) and then treatment decisions are made based on the soluble Mn level exceeding an allowable threshold level. Often Mn testing is conducted all year, but in the sub­‐tropical regions, such as the Gold Coast, Australia, where Advancetown Lake is located, high Mn
concentrations only occur for a brief period during the winter circulation process.

Nov 03 2014

Guest Post: Advisory Committee on Water Information Meeting

On Aug. 19-20, the Annual Meeting of the Advisory Committee on Water Information (ACWI) was held at the U.S. Geological Survey in Reston, Virginia. The presentations given at the meeting are included below, and will be linked on the Actions and Activities Page of the Sustainable Water Resources Site at https://sites.google.com/site/sustainablewaterresources/



Performance Indicators for Water Supply Services: Third Edition

An invaluable reference source for all those concerned with managing the performance of the water supply industry.

Benchmarking and Performance Indicators

This Month's Hot Topic is Benchmarking and Performance Indicators. See the Hot Topic homepage for more details.

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