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Oct 03 2014

Guest Post: The Performance of Wastewater Treatment (Stabilization) Pond Systems Globally

This Guest Post comes from Matthew E. Verbyla University of South Florida verbylam@mail.usf.edu 

Wastewater treatment ponds are perhaps the most widely used treatment technologies in the world, especially for smaller cities and towns. There are reportedly more than 8,000 wastewater treatment pond systems in the United States (Figure 1). France has approximately 2,500 systems (Mara and Pearson 1998), Colombia has at least 100 (Figure 2) and they are the most commonly-used technology in Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Brazil—in fact, wastewater treatment ponds comprise nearly half of all wastewater treatment facilities in Latin America (Noyola et al. 2012). Wastewater treatment pond system effluent is often reused by farmers for irrigation (Mara 2003).

Sep 21 2014

Interview: Professor Marcos von Sperling

Ahead of the WaterWiki Event at the World Water Congress, we caught up with author Professor Marcos von Sperling whose books form the foundation of one of our most popular pages, the Free eBook resource. We asked Marcos to tell us a little bit about himself and why he chose to make his books available for free on the WaterWiki.

Sep 15 2014

Guest Post: Recent Publication on Virus Removal in Wastewater Treatment Ponds

This Guest Post comes from Matthew E. Verbyla University of South Florida verbylam@mail.usf.edu

At the University of South Florida, we have been studying pathogen removal in wastewater treatment pond systems in Bolivia for the past couple years (Verbyla et al. 2013a, b). Our most recent publication (Symonds et al. 2014) examines the removal of viruses in these systems. The efficiency of virus removal in wastewater treatment ponds is still poorly understood and the overall consensus has changed throughout the years.


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