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This Month's Hot Topic: Water Reuse and Desalination

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220px-Reverseosmosisdesalinationplant.JPGWe have asked the members of the WaterWiki Community to share their ideas on why this is such an important topic. We will be posting their testimonies here. Why not share yours to receive 15% discount on IWA Publications? Just complete the follwing sentence and email to

"I feel that Water Reuse and Desalination is an important subject because..."

Contributions from the WaterWiki Community:

I feel that Water Reuse and Desalination is an important topic because even in countries with high water availability as Brazil, recently, is suffering with water scarcity of the surface water supply. For example, we can mention the current and critical situation of the water sources that supply the city of São Paulo and the conflict of interests between the states of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo for the use of the water of the Paraiba do Sul River. Thus it is necessary to use the public policies that encourage the Water Reuse and Desalination in search of equilibrium between the supply and demand of water resources.

- Ricardo Castro Nunes de Oliveira

Contributions from WaterWiki Advisory Board Member and Valentina Lazarova and Nikolay Voutchkov:

During the past decade, water scarcity, climate change and urban growth have led to a great shift in the paradigm of water resource management. Low-cost surface and/or groundwater sources are practically depleted in many urbanized regions of the world. Therefore, the water supply planning paradigm is evolving from reliance on traditional fresh water resources towards building an environmentally sustainable diversified water portfolio where low-cost conventional water sources are balanced with more costly but also more reliable and sustainable water supply alternatives such as water reuse and desalination. The dramatic advance in membrane technologies enables to significantly improve the reliability of the production of such high-quality alternative water resources, as well to reduce their cost and carbon footprint. The evaluation of the feasibility of water reuse and desalination projects has to be completed applying the triple-bottom line approach which considers economic, environmental and social impacts equally. 

Therefore, forward looking water utilities should consider desalination and water reuse as two integral components of sustainable management of the water cycle, with a number of synergies and mutual benefits in terms of costs, water production capacity, product water quality and energy use.

- Valentina Lazarova and Nikolay Voutchkov

The WaterWiki invites your contributions on this vital topic.

We are looking for articles, case studies, reports and poster presentations between 1000 and 2000 words and covering the following aspects of Water Reuse and Desalination:

Key Words: Reuse, Recycling, Resources, Irrigation, Agriculture, Groundwater Recharge, Membrane, Desalination, Reverse Osmosis, Rainwater Harvesting, Greywater, Alternative Water Supplies.

How to Submit:

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The deadline for submissions to this Hot Topic is Friday 22nd August 2014

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