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This Month's Hot Topic: Benchmarking and Performance Indicators

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"I feel that Benchmarking and Performance Indicators is an important subject because..."

The WaterWiki invites your contributions on this vital topic.

We are looking for articles, case studies, reports and poster presentations between 1000 and 2000 words and covering the following aspects of Benchmarking and Performance Indicators:

Key Words: Policy, Benchmarking, Best Practice, Management, Performance, Indicators, Water, Supply, Services, Control, Utility, Practice.

How to Submit:

Click here to upload your article, report or case study. When you have uploaded your material to this area, tag with the 'Hot Topic' article tag.
Reminder: You need to create a WaterWiki user account, then login to upload you materials!

Your entry can be anything between 500 and 2,000 words. Please feel free to use the following template as a guide and be sure to outline:

1.   Why this subject is important

2.   What work you are doing in this area – this is the place to include information from your paper such as:

  • Full citation (authors, title and journal issue/volume).
  • What are the main points covered in the paper? Why these points particularly interesting/relevant, how do they fit in with current research trends?
  • How was your paper researched, for how long and by whom?
  • How will you continue with your research? Will you look further into this particular area or will your next project be different?

3.   What would you like to see done in the area of Benchmarking and Performance Assessment?

Click here to upload your poster presentation to Events Extra, including 'Hot Topic_BPI' in the event name.

The deadline for submissions to this Hot Topic is Friday 21st November 2014

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