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How to set up your own Group Space

The WaterWiki provides an opportunity for you and you working group to set up its own 'group space'. Here, you can disseminate information and comminicate with the rest of the group. You can even set up your own discussion area to share ideas, network and give feedbck on events and meetings.


Create a Group Space

1. Go to 'Group Spaces' listing by clicking on the 'Listing' option under 'Groups' on the left-hand menu of the homepage


2. Go to 'Create a new Group Space'


3. Click on the 'New Group Work Space' link. Type in the name of your Group Space and click 'create'

4. A homepage for your new space will then be created:


5. Enter some general explanitory text about your new space in the free text box (This is located half way down the page). Enter some text, describing what it is, who it is aimed at, what are the features etc. You might also want to include an image or logo of the group here.

6. When you have finished customizing the homepage, click Save and View

Create new pages in your group space

Once you have set up your group space homepage, you can then populate your space with a series of pages and features.

To create a new page in your space:

1. Go to your group space homepage and click Create a new page in this space


2. Type in the name of the page you would like to create and click 'Create'

You can create any new pages you like i.e. meetings schedule, news, contacts, discussion area etc.

3. Add the text to your new page and click Save and View


4. Click 'back to the homepage'

5. The index table on the homepage will then be automatically updated to include the new page:


Set up Private Access

You, as Group Space creator, can control who gains access to your workspace.

Users can request access to your space by clicking a link on the WaterWiki which will then add them to the 'User Access Request' list.


You can also grant access to users in your group using the 'Add new user' link. If you wish to grant another user admin priveleges you can do so by clicking on the 'Add new admin' link and searching for their wiki username.


Created by Victoria Beddow on 2010/08/06 14:18

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