How To Register

How To Register

The IWA WaterWiki is fast growing into THE online reference point for water, wastewater and environmental science and management issues.

Access over 1,000 articles and case studies and connect with the water community using our interactive features

The wiki is a collaborative website that everybody can read and anyone can edit. In order to contribute to the WaterWiki you must first complete a simple registration process.

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Getting Started

  • Enter the website by going to
  • Click Register on the home page
  • Complete the basic registration form by giving your full name and a valid email address.
  • You will also need to come up with your own username and password
  • A confirmation email will be sent to your email account
  • Follow the link in the confirmation email to complete the registration process - your account will now be active
  • N.B. if you do not recieve the confirmation email, please check your spam folder



Create a User Profile

Your User Profile is your space to tell other WaterWiki users about yourself and your role within the water industry. Your profile can show as little as your name,or use it to share:

  • Your title, position and contact details
  • Details of your role or research interests: attach a CV., link yourself to an Resource Listing on the site.
  • Information with other WaterWiki users through the email messaging system.

How to Create a User Profile

  • Once you have registered, Click on your name i.e. Chloe Parker located at the top of the home page next to Log-out  


  • This will bring you to your profile page
  • To add further details about yourself Click on the 'Add new research interest' or 'Upload CV' options
  • To alter your basic information, click the pencil icon that appears to the right of your name.
  • Input the relevant data into the form and click 'save and view'


Create an Organization Resource Listing or National Association Profile

This feature allows you to create a presence on the WaterWiki for your organization, department, research project or working group that will highlight their work to the water community.

The Resources Listing space on the WaterWiki is a who-does-what directory for the water community. This is the place to share information on the work of your organisation, society or research group.

  1. Do include a logo in your profile so it will stand out in our listing table.
    2. Don’t forget to include contact details and links for your resource listing so users know how to get in touch with you.
    3. Do post a link to your WaterWiki organisation profile on your own website so that your followers know where to find you.
    4. Don’t forget that the Resources space is not for commercial advertising. It is a space for organisations to share information on their work in the water sector. Any organisation profiles which are blatantly advertising a product or service will be removed.

How to Create a Resource Listing or Association Profile

  • Click on either the Resources or Water Association link on the homepage
  • This will bring you to the Resources Listing Space
  • Click Add a new resource / Add a new Association Listing



Creating the Profile

  • Having clicked Add a new resource, type in the name of your organization
  • Click Create
  • This will bring up a blank profile of your organization
  • Complete the profile by filling in the form


Create Links for your Profile

  • You can link your organization to other web pages, profiles or sites
  • Highlight any text you would like to link to and click the 'link' icon on the task

Insert Tables, Images or Macros

  • Use the various icons in any of the information boxes to insert tables, Images or Macros
  • For more information on these functions see ‘How to Create an Article'

Edit your Profile

  • To change or amend your organization's profile, click the 'edit resource profile' icon at the top of your profile
  • Make your changes and then click Save and View

Search for an Organization Resource Listing

  • To search for an Organization click Search on the homepage
  • Type in the name of the Organization
  • Choose Organizations under the drop-down menu


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