How to Discuss an Article

How to Discuss an Article


Behind each article is a place to discuss the content of that article. This is unlike the Forum which is a space for users to have discussions themed around general topics. When discussing an article, you can:

  • Leave comments for the authors of the article
  • suggest corrections
  • highlight areas for expansion or improvement
  • present your own contribution for discussion before adding it to the article itself

Start a Discussion

To start a discussion click on the tab Discussion on This Article. This is located at the top of the article page itself.



Discussion Bulletin Board

The discussion area is in a threaded 'bulletin board' format designed to allow conversation to develop and questions to be raised. Each post is linked to a user name and profile so you know who it is you are talking to.


Quote from the article you are discussing

It might be useful when referring to a particular aspect of an article, to quote from a passage or extract of the article itself. To quote from an article:

  • highlight the text in the article that you would like to discuss
  • right click Copy (Ctrl+C)
  • click on the Discussion on This Article tab.
  • When you are on the discussion board, right click Paste (Ctrl+V) into your post

Created by David Burns on 2009/10/30 14:38

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