How to Create an Organization Profile

How to Create an Organization Profile

Why Create an Organization Profile?

This feature allows you to create a presence on the WaterWiki for your organization, department, research project or working group that will highlight their work to the water community. You can provide contact details and links to your own website or webpage thus distributing your material to a wider audience.

Getting Started

  • Click Organizations under the Browse menu on the homepage
  • This will bring you to the Organizations Space
  • Click Add a new organization



Creating the Profile

  • Having clicked Add an Organization, type in the name of your organization
  • Click Create
  • This will bring up a blank profile of your organization
  • Complete the profile by providing the relevant information about your organization


  • Link your organization to other web pages, profiles or sites.
  • Click on the Link icon in any of the information boxes and select the page that you would like to link to.

Edit Your Profile

  • To change or amend your organization’s profile, click edit organization Profile
  • Make your changes and then click Save and View

Search for an Organization Profile

  • To search for an Organization click Search on the homepage
  • Type in the name of the Organization
  • Choose Organizations under the drop-down menu


Created by Victoria Beddow on 2009/11/10 14:43

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