How To Use The Forum

How To Use The Forum

The Forum is a place where registered users can have discussions themed around topics (rather than specific articles).

This is also the space to talk about up and coming conferences and events, calls for papers, to post links to useful online resources and ask questions.

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Getting Started

  • Click on 'Discussion Forum' under the Groups section on the left-hand coloumn of the homepage.



Categories on the Forum

The forum has been divided into categories in order to distinguish between different areas of discussion.  Within these categories you can create, add or contribute to any topic of your choice.


If there is a category that you would like to add to this list, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the team at IWA. 

What are the Categories?

  • YWP Commitee Forum
  • Editorial Group29forumcategories.jpg
  • Discussions on Research
  • Events
  • WaterWiki (General Discussions)


You can either add or contribute to an existing conversation or create a new conversation of your choice.

You can see just how many conversations are in a particular category by looking at the forum homepage.

Here, you can see:

  • How many conversations  are ongoing
  • The last message posted in a  conversation
  • Who the message was written by


Start a new conversation

  • Start by posting a message on the forum
  • Select which category it should go under i.e. WaterWiki
  • Click Add a new topic
  • Type in the name of your chosen conversation
  • Click Add this topic
  •  It will then appear under the list of topics in that Category


Add a message to an existing conversation

  • To take part in an existing conversation, Click on the title of the conversation
  • To add a message to the conversation thread write your comments in the box labeled Post a message
  • Click Post


Quote from another message in your conversation

If you are referring to another message that might have been written some time ago, or by another user, it might be useful to quote from that message as a reference point.

  • To quote from another message use the Quote icon in the toolbar.33quoteicon.jpg
  • Select the message that you would like to quote from, then click the quote icon.
  • It will appear at the bottom of your new message along with the date it was composed and the name of the person who wrote it.
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