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Side Event : Application of Environmental Health Risk Assessment for Sanitation Safety Planning


Water and Health Conference : Science, Policy and Innovation at the  University of North Carolina

Authors and Affiliations

Organized by : The International Water Association

Co-convening organisations : WHO, WSP and SEI

Friday 2nd November   8:30 - 12:30      Azalea Room


       Environmental health risks related to poor sanitation are prevalent throughout urban areas in the developing world, particularly in low-income informal settlements. Subjective assessments of these risks  may result in ineffective interventions and potentially wasted investments.

       A systematic and objective methodology which promotes an improved understanding of environmental health risks associated with sanitation service delivery chains is needed to target strategies and design interventions to effectively reduce diarrhoeal and vector-related diseases.

       The side event will provide the opportunity for participants to review risk assessment methodologies and their applications, whilst considering their relevance within the context of sanitation safety planning.

 The workshop is part of a project co-ordinated by IWA entitled :

Sustainable and resilient sanitation service chains in Maputo province,  Mozambique – action research and piloting for the benefit of the urban poor

Funded by : EU ERA-NET SPLASH Sanitation Research Programme

The primary objective is to contribute towards the development of long-term strategies to mitigate environmental health risks related to sanitation and promote the development of sustainable sanitation service delivery.


 Session 1 -  Sanitation Risk Assessment

Chair :  Professor Thor Axel Stenström  (Stockholm Environmental Institute)

* Sanitation and excreta-related disease: Development and application of the science - Professor Huw Taylor (University of Brighton)

* Application of EHRA for City Sanitation Planning – Experiences from Indonesia - Nugroho Tri Utomo (Director of Housing and Settlements, National Development Planning Agency, Indonesia)

Session 2: Developments in Sanitation Safety Planning

Chair : Professor Peter Kolsky (UNC)

* Methodology for Participatory Rapid Sanitation System Risk Assessment  -  Dr. Jonathan Parkinson (International Water Association)

* WHO Sanitation Safety Planning approach - Professor Thor-Axel Stenström (Stockholm Environmental Institute)


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