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Events Extra Guidelines

To upload material onto the Events Extra, follow the steps below. Or, contact the WaterWiki Community Manager with any questions at vbeddow@iwap.co.uk.

Uploading Content

To upload any new content, go to the WaterWiki Events Extra space and follow these steps:

1. Log in to the Wiki using your personal username and password.

2. Go to Events Extra and click 'Contribute Material'

3. Read through the terms and conditions and tick 'I ACCEPT' if you agree


4. Type in the name of your document  'i.e. World Water Congress 2010 Presentation' and click 'Create'

5. Fill in the details


5. Under 'Abstract' include a short paragraph, outlining the key topics and issues addressed.

6. Under 'Content' you can include the material directly onto the page and/ or attach it to the page. You can attach a variouty items on the Wiki (Power Point slides, Word documents, PDFs, Images etc). See below for guidelines on attachments.

Attaching Documents

Under 'Content' go to 'Attach files to this document'

Click 'Browse' and select the file you would like to attach from your computer

Importing Text

You can copy and paste text in from Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, Powe Point, PDF etc.

Highlight the text you are copying, click 'Copy'

Go to to our entry in 'Events Extra' and use the 'Import Office' button


Click 'Import Office' and paste in the text.

Tick 'Filter Styles' then 'import text'

Adding Images

You can add images using the 'Image button'

Place the cursor on the position of the page you would like your image to go

Click on the 'Image' button


Browse your computer and select the image you would like to upload

N.B Image must be saved as a JPEG

Saving your Entry

1. Once you have filled in the details, click 'Save and View'

2. Your event will automatically appear in the 'Space Index' on the homepage.


3. If you need to update or change your page, just click on your entry in the Events Extra Index and click 'Edit'.

Created by Admin on 2011/10/12 10:47

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