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Jul 28 2014

Reclamation and Partners Release New Hydrologic Projections for Contiguous United States

WASHINGTON - The Bureau of Reclamation has released new hydrologic projections that will help local water managers answer questions about future climate, stream flow and water resources. This new scientific data uses the updated World Climate Research Program climate projections that have been scaled to a finer resolution (downscaled) for water management decision support systems.  ...

Jul 25 2014

IWA World Water Congress 2014 Lisbon Young Water Professionals Forum

Following the success of the Young Water Professionals Forum series in the past 5 years, IWA provides a lively and interactive platform for Young Water Professionals (YWP) to come together from all over the world, to meet and network with their fellow peers in the sector. Alongside senior water professionals in the water community, this day provides an opportunity for YWP to discuss/debate future challenges in the water sector, as well as examine the solutions to these challenges, and how their role of the young professional is so pivotal in addressing them. ...

Jul 22 2014

Author Interview Series: Krist Gernaey

Our Author Interview blog post series puts our 5 questions to some of our most popular IWA authors.

This blog post comes from Krist Gernaey, author, with Ulf Jeppsson, Peter A Vanrolleghem and John B Copp, of Benchmarking of Control Strategies for Wastewater Treatment Plantsto be published by IWA in September 2014. ...

Jul 10 2014

The First International Summer School on €œHydraulic systems in the Roman worldâ€

Padua University organizes – under the scientific direction of Prof. Paola Zanovello – the first international Summer School on “Hydraulic systems in the Roman world”, that will be held in Feltre (BL) from 25th to 29th of August 2014. The Summer School is projected to be a highly intensive course ( nine lesson-hours per day), focused on the hydraulic topics during the Roman time. ...

Jul 03 2014

European PhD School on Advanced Oxidation Processes

Advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) can effectively degrade several toxic pollutants, as well as inactivate pathogens in different environmental matrices (water, wastewater, soil, air). Due to their potential as successful solution for environmental pollution problems, AOPs have been attracting the interest of researchers, practitioners and enterprises operating in the field of environmental remediation technologies.

In order to promote the higher education of young researchers in the environmental applications of AOPs, as well as to overcome national boundaries and bureaucracy barriers, a group of European scientists (Management Committee (MC)) from different Universities and Research Institutes, with a strong and internationally recognized expertise in this field, founded (in June 2014) the “European PhD School on Advanced Oxidation Processes”. Presently, the School includes 46 Scientific Committee members from 12 different European Countries. ...

Jun 17 2014

The WaterWiki Workshop

The first workshop on how to get the best from the WaterWiki will take place on Tuesday 23rd September at 10.30am at the IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition in Lisbon.

Will you be attending the IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition? Let us know for the chance to put your questions to the Workshop Panel. ...

Jun 16 2014

WaterWiki News for June

This month on the WaterWiki ...

Jun 12 2014

High Water Stress Jeopardizes One-Third of World’s Corn Crop

The $65 billion U.S. corn industry faces a range of water-related risks that could disrupt production of this key crop: unchecked groundwater withdrawals, nutrient pollution, shifting precipitation patterns from climate change, and increasing demand from cities and industries. But companies, investors, and governments have the opportunity to intervene. ...

May 21 2014

Take the 2014 WaterWiki User Survey!

We would like to invite all WaterWiki users to take the 2014 WaterWiki user survey and let us know your thoughts on using the site!

As a thank you for your time, all users who fill in the survey will be entered into a draw to win 1 of 8 copies of Natural Wastewater Treatment: Second Edition, co-published by IWA Publishing and CRC Press. ...

May 20 2014

WaterWiki News for May

This month on the WaterWiki

We are pleased to announce the launch of some exciting new WaterWiki features!  ...

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