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The Mosoni-Danube rehabilitation project

I. Tóth  (North-Transdanubian District Environment and Water Directorate -
F. Dunai  (NTDEWD)
E. Janák  (NTDEWD)
M Pannonhalmi  (NTDEWD)
Proceedings paper from the 10th Annual River Restoration Centre Network Conference, 1st - 2nd April 2009
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Hungary is situated within the heart of the Danube Basin. The Mosoni-Danube is a large meandering branch of the Hungarian Upper Danube in the northwestern part of Hungary. The Szigetköz region is an alluvial plain located between the Hungarian Upper Danube and the Mosoni-Danube.

The rivers and their associated habitat still play a very significant role for Szigetköz and its environment development concept. Consequently, every opportunity and problem concerning water has an effect on the region’s economy. The state of the rivers influences the following sectors in particular: tourism (water tourism), agriculture (irrigation, groundwater level), flood protection, environmental protection (water habitats) and water resources protection (surface water quality).

The measures which aim at reaching the objectives of the WFD (good ecological status of waters) have to be supported by research that helps to analyse the state of waters and work out methods for rehabilitation of river habitats and development of the water environment.


Danube; ECONTACT; Hungary; Mosoni-Danube; river rehabilitation

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