Pollutant Discharge per Capita (PDC)

Pollutant discharge per capita (PDC) is amount of pollutant discharged which is derived from municipal wastewater (1,5,6). PDC is the product of wastewater volume and concentration. PDC depends on areas and lifestyles (1,8). Pollutant generation per capita (PGC) is total pollutant generated per capita in households from daily lives. Pollutant load per capita (PLC) refers to wider indicators including inflow of wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). PLC can be applied for pollutant flowing into water body including coastal areas and lakes, which refers to pollutant load per capita flowing into water body (PLCwb) (1). There are natural purification effects in the river sections. PLCwb evaluates putting PDC and natural purification together (7). PGC, PDC and PLC sometimes refer to unit loading and unit load in English or gen-tan-i in Japanese.

Relationships between PDC and income indicators were found to be similar to environment Kuznets curve (EKC) (2,3,4). Relationship between PDC and purchase power based gross national income (PPP-GNI) were analysed using secondary data of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and World Bank data in the coastal areas of developing and middle-class countries, as well as relationship between PDC and water, sanitation and economic indicators (WSEIs) (2). Inverted U-shaped curve of EKC were found for relationship between PDC of biological oxygen demand (PDC-BOD) and total phosphorus (TP) with peaks at ca. US$ 5,050 and 11,200, respectively (3). PDC and income indicators in the areas of Lakes Shinji and Nakaumi, Japan, showed very significant EKC (4). Relationship between PDC and PPP-GNI per capita in Asia, Africa and Pacific countries was found to be similar to original Kuznets relationship between income and income equity (5).


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