How can Local authorities lead local sanitation planning strategies, by involving all stakeholders?

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1.2.6 How can Local Authorities Lead Local Sanitation Planning Strategies, by Involving All Stakeholders?

1.2.6. By 2020, at least 500 additional urban, peri-urban and rural local authorities will have adopted and implemented, by involving local stakeholders, local strategy and action plans that cover all components of the sanitation chain and are in accordance with a national comprehensive strategic sanitation plan and priorities.

Sanitation is a basic service to be organized and implement at local level, often under the remit of local authorities. Fulfilling such a responsibility requires specific knowledge of the sector’s local needs and issues, as well as a pragmatic vision for defining means of intervention and prioritising actions.

From the analysis of the dozen of solutions gathered and the testimony of various stakeholders involved in a strategic planning approach, this session will demonstrate what can be the positive impacts of sanitation planning in the field, in both urban, periurban and rural areas. Then we will identify the steps that need to be followed when constructing a municipal strategy, in a concerted manner with all local stakeholders, for sanitation services.


15’ Introduction:

• Presentation of the target and the session, Christophe LE JALLE - Coordinator (pS-Eau)

• What is the impact of sanitation planning at a local scale? Why is it cost effective? Abdou Ouhou DODO - Mayor (City of Tahoua - Niger)

30’ Which guidelines can be used to formulate a local sanitation plan?

• Rethinking master planning for sanitation: lessons from various innovative approaches and presentation of some key points from the solutions gathered, Emmanuel NGIKAM - Coordinator (ENSP Yaoundé)

• Sonia KNAUER - (Prefeitura de Belo Horizonte)

Open debate with the audience: How to conduct a diagnostic and analyse the demand? How to define priorities between local urgent needs? Why is it worth taking the time to have a true consultation process with all stakeholders?

30’ How to implement the strategy and follow up the actions in a concerted manner?

• How to ensure a good follow up of the strategy on the long term with all the stakeholders, Félix ADEGNIKA - Project Officer (Municipal Development Partnership)

Open debate with the audience: How to select technologies depending on the context? How to mobilise sustainable funding? How to ensure a good follow up of the strategy?

45’ Going to commitments

• Why international donors and national plans should promote and facilitate the implementation of local action plans?, Jean Pierre ELONG M’BASSI - Executive Secretary (UCLG Africa)

• Kobie BRANDT - Regional Director (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives - Africa (ICLEI))

• Presentation of the action plan and of the expected commitments on the long term, Christophe LE JALLE - Coordinator (pS-Eau)

• Comments from the audience

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