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The Thematic Topics Of The 8th World Water Forum

People are excited about the 8th World Water Forum. It is such an important meeting with life-saving agenda. Many parties are interested in participating as the guest, even though they don’t get the formal invitation. Before applying, isn’t it better to peek at the topics?

This is the first topic as well as the slogan of the water forum. During this session, the participants could share ideas and thought about the possible solutions. Any of them is allowed to present some applicable technology or programs that had been done in their area. In the end, the forum hopes that any water saving solutions could include everyone: the housewives, young generation, government, and the state itself.

One thing that should be noted is the culture diversity. A country might value their water stock in different way. Also, government could always make specific rules about the water distribution. All these aspects should be mentioned, as it will affect the solutions that might be applied.

No matter how hard the government educate the people about high technology solution, the project will fail shortly after if the people cannot keep up. After hearing the ideas, the country representative should consider about the capacity as well. It is not good to force the people to leap up to a high level. A better way would be matching their eye level, then gradually upgrading the technology.

If needed, there are many international companies who are more than willing to help. They could offer the latest proposal or the one mentioned back in the 7th Water Forum.

For the government level, the project last longer. It has been decided by the forum that the project must be finished by 2030. The time range might seem long, but lots of deals and actions should be done within the time limit. Not to mention, it is also about all the reports paper works awaiting to be written.

First, there must be a detailed paper about the water source area and the policy that applies on the area. Then, it is time to decide which technology that should be included in the project. After that, some new rules might need to be approved.

It is not easy to get the attention from and the world. However, the World Water Forum easily does, as the topic of discussion is closely related to public. In addition, the topics are much more practical than theoretical. Right after the forum ends, they could be implemented immediately.

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