The Proposal From The Latest World Water Forum

The World Water Forum has offered a transparent proposal to the attending participants. It is related to the recent water shortage matters that already hit some countries in the world. However, the solution requires total commitment and funding. What is the proposal and how they might work?

The Proposal From The Latest World Water Forum– Plant More, Build Less
Even though it is hard to admit, the root of water shortage problem is the building. Urbanization that creeps to the green village burns the trees. Real estate companies dig the earth and build pretty housings. The worst part is the neglected rule of green areas. There should be a green room for plants, so the water could be absorbed during the rainy days. Is there enough space for the trees?

Now that the water has gone deeper to the earth, people start to regret their projects, particularly, the reshaping of natural resources such as dam and the other concrete system. Switching to the old ways; planting trees, improving soil moisture, and pulling out the spring source are giving the realistic result. It is not immediately, but still faster and more effective than the other attempts.

Several big cities and countries have tried the green project and the result is far from disappointing. New York has secured its green area from 1990s. The government works together with the local farmer. China also takes similar steps by providing area to store more rain water on 16 cities. This project is expected to finish at 2020. If the project succeeds, then 70% of rain water could be filtered and distributed to the surrounding area.

The Proposal From The Latest World Water Forum– Expect The Effect
There is a cloud inside several countries thought. The question is simple: how much does the green project cost? Will sustaining the water quality helps to improve any other aspects? First of all, the cost to build the grey project is more or less similar to green project. The difference is not big enough to pull out exclamation.

As for the effect itself, it is leaning to the good side. UN recently gives a report that good water quality will automatically improve the harvesting production. The percentage is quite big: 20% for each time. By the time the water restored to the surface, the fresh farming products are also available in the market.

Imagine living without water. Human population will surely vanish within year. This is what the tries to prevent. In the past decades, human cut lots of green forests for buildings. Now that the life is threatened, the green areas must be made as the rescue boat.

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