A Brief History of the Global Water Foundation

A Brief History of the Global Water FoundationAfter attending meetings held in Cape Town, South Africa by the World Economic Forum, professional tennis player Johan Kriek decided to found the Global Water Foundation in 2005. The Foundation’s goals are pretty much in line with the goals of the Millennium Development Goals, which were drafted during the Millennium Summit held by the United Nations in September 2000. The Global Water Foundation (GWF) essentially works as a non-profit organization that seeks to provide and deliver clean water and sanitation to the neediest communities in the world. The GWF is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The http://multibet88.co offices can be found in several cities in the US such as Sarasota in Florida and Raleigh in North Carolina. The GWF seeks to raise awareness in public, provide technical assistance, and fund programs to provide better and quality water supply and sufficient sanitation in places such as schools, rural areas, and a variety of communities found across developing nations. The GWF receives support from celebrities who often serve as Clean Water Ambassadors for the Foundation, including Amanda Beard, Jim Courier, Kevin Curren, Janet Evans, Brendan Hansen, Cullen Jones, Tara Kirk, Henri LeConte, John McEnroe, Aaron Peirsol, Martina Navratilova, and Kate Ziegler. Together, they work to spread the messages presented by the Foundation to the world.

the Global Water Foundation

The GWF is meant to be a charitable trust which aims at raising public awareness, providing technical support, supporting the sharing of knowledge, providing support for technical innovation and research, and facilitating humanitarian aid across developing countries. The Foundation’s primary goal is to provide safe and healthy drinking water as well as sufficient sanitation in places where the two aspects are not easily accessible or widely available and areas where water supply is compromised. The Foundation has a noble cause: It wishes to create a world that is better, healthier, and safer filled with prosperity and peace.

The GWF started their work with a project commenced in 2006 in Kamuli District, eastern Uganda. The Foundation solved water problems that have plagued the Ndolwa Parents School, a 983-student school, in Budiope, northeast of the country’s capital. The project’s success led to expansion beyond school grounds and has since served an area of 15,000 people in total with safe and healthy water. The GWF is working with Rotary International at the moment to fix a broken pipeline in Manta, Ecuador. An El Nino storm broke the pipeline, leaving at least 1,700 children and families without access to clean water.

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